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Birth of CoolMining

Satoshi Nakamoto once, on BitcoinTalk, called for a peaceful agreement among miners to delay the start of GPU mining race in order to provide the latter entrants a fairer environment. However, as the introduction of ASIC chips, miners opened a Pandora's box. Total hashrate on bitcoin network surges as the chip technology advances and exceeded 100EH/s, E= 10^18, barricade. Without specialized mining rigs, ordinary computational equipment lost their places in the mining game. Specialized mining rigs are expensive to purchase, costly to maintain and complicated to operate. Only by scaling can one reduce the marginal cost to achieve a profitable margin, which in turns raises the entry barrier to the mining game even higher.
As the development of blockchain technology, token standards like ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 gained public recognition in forms of tokens and NFTs. We now are able to verify the ownership of an asset without relying on a third-party authority. This concept and its underlying value are understood by more and more people, that makes ordinary people participate in bitcoin mining possible.

On-Chain Mining Simulation Game

In order to enable all junior miners to have authentic mining experience without the noisy environment and complex operation, we decide to turn mining, a hard-core and complicated business, into a similuation game based on blockchain. Every participant will be a miner in the game and earn BTC rewards by owning power.
In CoolMining simulation world, there are different ways for players to possess computing power. Also, various roles are available for players to percept the mining industry from various angles.
In CoolMining, players need to allocate resources accordingly to maximize computing power, which is equivalent to real-world hashrate that will generate BTC rewards.
By gamifying the mining process, players not only are able to participate in mining under a cozy environment but also exploit their imagination to create mining rigs never seen in real life before. Savor the joy of creation while making money.
CoolMining makes these possible because all in-game hashrate correspond to real world hashrate. Every second trillions of hash calculations are being conducted in the real world, competing for the right to validate a new block to pocket the network rewards.