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What is CoolMining ?

CoolMining is an on-chain simulation game based on real-life hash power. Players are able to participate as stakers, miners and mining site owners to savor the joy of creation.

What blockchain does CoolMining use?

CoolMining is first launched on KCC, Kucoin Community Chain.

What is CoolHash ?

CoolHash is an ERC-20 token, representing real world hash power. Every CoolHash is equivalent to 0.01TH/s hash power. CoolHash is also the governance token of CoolMining Community.

How to get CoolHash?

Players are able to purchase CoolHash on MojitoSwap.

What is CoolGas ?

CoolGas is an ERC-20 token work as the utility token in the ecosystem with unlimited supply. It is the block reward token as well as the energy consuming token.

How to get CoolGas?

Players are able to purchase CoolGas on MojitoSwap.

What is CoolPart?

CoolPart is an ERC-721 token, aka non-fungible token (NFT), referring to accessories of miners. There will be 4 types of CoolPart NFTs, assigning different attributes to miners.
  • Hash Board: determines the hash rates of a miner
  • Control Board: determines the extra reward bonus of a miner
  • Power Supply Unit: determines the CoolGas consumption level of a miner
  • Cooling System: determines the claim fee level when redeeming rewards

How to get CoolPart?

CoolPart NFT will be distributed in the form of Mystery Boxes via official website. Furthermore, players can purchase CoolPart NFTs on official NFT marketplace, CoolMarket.

How to get CoolPart Mystery Boxes?

CoolPart Mystery Boxes will be launched after commencement of CoolMining via official website. There will be two types of CoolPart NFT Mystery Boxes, Essential Hash Parts and Elective Hash Parts.

What is CoolMiner ?

CoolMiner is an ERC-721 token, aka non-fungible token (NFT), referring to miners in CoolMining ecosystem. Players can either purchase minted miners on official NFT marketplace, CoolMarket, or build customized miners on one’s own by combining CoolPart NFTs together. The performance of the miners is determined by the attributes and rarity levels of composing parts.

How to get a miner?

  1. 1.
    Purchase on official NFT marketplace, CoolMart.
  2. 2.
    Collect CoolPart NFTs and mint one. At least one hash board and at most four non-duplicated components, one from each type, are required to mint a miner.

How to upgrade a miner?

The performance of the miners is determined by the attributes and rarity levels of composing parts. Players are able to disassemble miners into original parts and recompose the components. At the same time, players can purchase better accessories on official NFT market, CoolMarket, to build customized miners to optimize return.

How to trade a miner?

There will be official NFT market, CoolMarket, for players to trade CoolMiner NFTs and CoolPart NFTs.

What is Miners Lab?

Miners Lab is an experimental site for players, where one is able to inspect accesories and miners in stock and willingly assemble or disassemble to maximize one's return. As for miners assembled, players can first disassemble the miners into its original components and replace with better accessories to achieve optimal results.
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