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Miners exist as CoolMiner NFTs, in the CoolMining world. Players can either mint a CoolMiner NFT using miner accesories, CoolPart NFTs, or purchase minted miners in the CoolMart.
Miners in CoolMining refer to the mining rigs that can accelerate mining with hashrate bonus which translate into higher BTC rewards and CoolGas rewards.

CoolPart NFTs (ERC-721)

CoolPart NFT will be distributed in the form of Mystery Boxes via official website. There will be 4 types of CoolPart NFTs, assigning different attributes to CoolMiner NFTs.
  • Hash Board: determines the hash rates of a miner
  • Control Board: determines the reward bonus of a miner
  • Power Supply Unit: determines the CoolGas consumption level of a miner
  • Cooling System: determines the claim fee when redeeming rewards
At least one hash board and at most four non-duplicated components, one from each type, are required to mint a miner.

CoolMiner NFTs (ERC-721)

All CoolMiner NFTs are unique miners minted by players by combining CoolPart NFTs together. The performance of the miners is determined by the attributes and rarity levels of composing parts.
Players are able to customize their own miners by acquiring CoolPart NFTs and minting, or purchasing miners straight away from other players in the CoolMart.
Furthermore, players can disassemble the minted miners into original components.