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All CoolHash token holders can be stakers to earn BTC rewards. By design, CoolHash tokens represent ownership of corresponding hash power. Stake CoolHash in the mining pool indicates the underlying hash power is connected to the bitcoin network and participating in POW mining to earn BTC rewards.
Total BTC rewards is calculated based on real world total hashrate. Rewards corresponding to CoolMining hashrate will be distributed to BTC rewards pool on a 24h basis after cost of production is deducted and accumulating. Players are able to claim their share of the BTC rewards anytime.
BTCRewards=PlayerCoolHashStaked/TotalHashRate×TotalBTCRewardsBTC Rewards=PlayerCoolHashStaked/TotalHashRate×TotalBTCRewards
TotalHashrateStaked=StakedCoolHashHashrate+TotalMinersHashrateTotalHashrateStaked = StakedCoolHashHashrate +TotalMinersHashrate
CoolMining staking pool uses a FPPS+, Full Pay Per Share, distribution model, hoping to allocate the rewards as fair as possible.