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Rewards Claiming

BTC Rewards

BTC rewards pool is calculated based on real time total hashrate in the real world.
Rewards corresponding to CoolMining staked hashrate will be distributed to BTC rewards pool every 24h after cost of production is deducted.
Rewards accumulate over time and players are able to claim BTC rewards at any time in the rewards claiming page.

CoolGas Rewards

CoolGas is calculated as mining rewards.
Every day certain amount of CoolGas will be mined to incentive miners' participation, which then will be distributed to players according to the hash power at stake in proportion to the total hash power in the ecosystem.

Claim Fee

To stabiles price of CoolGas, claim fee for every claim is designed to decrease linearly as the number of days after last claim increases.
ClaimFee=0.50.05nClaim Fee = 0.5-0.05*n
n:Number of days after the last claim
When n=10, players can claim the rewards without any fee.
Besides, CoolPart NFTs like cooling system components affect the claim fees.