Miners Lab

Miners Lab is an experimental site for players, where one is able to inspect accesories and miners in stock and willingly assemble or disassemble to maximise one's return. Vice versa. For assembled miners, players can first disassemble the miners into its original components and replace with better accessories to achieve optimal results.
To build a customised miner, players need to first of all collect CoolPart NFTs which will be distributed in the form of Mystery Boxes. There are four types of CoolPart NFTs, assigning different attributes to the miners.
  • Hash board: the core of a miner, determines the hash power of a miner.
  • Control board: the "brain" of a miner, used to adjust settings on a miner such as impacting the reward acceleration rate of a miner.
  • Power supply unit: the power source of a miner, determines operational cost of a miner such as CoolGas comsumption
  • Cooling System: the radiator for a miner, protect the miner from overheating to stablise the performance of the miner, affect the claim fee level while claiming rewards.
Players need at least one hash board and at most four non-duplicated components to mint a miner. The performance of the miners are determined by the attributes and rarity levels of composing parts.
If players are fortunate enough to collect SSR CoolPart NFTs, it is possible for players to mint a CoolMiner NFT with dreamy performance that is surreal in real world.
What's more, players have the naming right to CoolMiner NFTs and there will be leaderboard section in the game for players to show their unique miners.