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In order to start mining using a miner, player need to own a miner either by purchasing on CoolMart or building customized a miner in Miners Lab.
When players have thier own miners, either via minting or purchasing, they have new hashrate credentials. Holding CoolMiner NFTs means the ownership of corresponding hash power. Players need to stake CoolMiner NFTs to boot the miners and start earning.
During miners operation, players need to prepay CoolGas as energy cost to earn BTC rewards and the mining rewards in CoolGas.

BTC Rewards

TotalHashrateStaked=StakedCoolHashHashrate+TotalMinersHashrateTotalHashrateStaked = StakedCoolHashHashrate +TotalMinersHashrate

CoolGas Rewards

To initiate the miners, players need first determine the number of days to mine. The longer the mining period, 10/30/60/90 days, the larger the energy cost discount players will enjoy, 0%/10%/20%/30% respectively.
Then, deposit the corresponding amount of CoolGas to start mining. Players need to prepay the operational cost in CoolGas for the period during which the rewards can be redeemed at any time.
The level of CoolGas consumption during operation is determined by the hashrate power each miner holds. Apart from this, having power supply unit is entitled to certain level of energy saving.

CoolGas Consumption