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Miners Hosting

Miners hosting is for the most advanced players in CoolMining to play. Mining sites' business model is to provide miner slots to help accelerate rewards earning and meanwhile charge miners fixed portion of rewards as custodial fees.
All mining hosts are required to invest upfront to obtain the ownership of mining sites. The ownership will be represented by special token, CoolHost, which is currently under development. Thanks to that, the ownership of mining sites is transferable as well.
Mining hosts can check and alter the status of the mining sites in thier homepage such as customised leasing term and custodial rates. Miners are able to compare different sites' details in the hosting market and choose the most suitable site to host the miners.
Apart from the attributes like capacity and rewards bonus of the mining sites, more feastures will be introduced in the future. Mining hosts could unite together and form larger mining sites to provide more rewards bonus. Or mining hosts are able to custom-make rewards bonus to motivate miners.
Revenue for miners hosts originated from the following two parts.
  • Custodial fees: hosted miners need to pay a fixed portion of thier income, both BTC rewards and CoolGas mining rewards, to hosts as custodial fees every 24h.
  • Energy fees: fixed portion of miners' operational cost in CoolGas goes to miners hosts as energy fees.
It is worth mentioning that miner hosting for self mining is another possible strategy to maximise return, which makes CoolMining an authentic stimulation game.